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Austrian Elected as President of EuroCloud Europe

created by Dr. Tobias Höllwarth |

The Austrian Tobias Höllwarth has been elected chairman of the Executive Board of the pan-European organisation EuroCloud Europe for the coming three years.

Vienna, 22 March 2017 –Yesterday’s election by the General Assembly of EuroCloud Europe has brought a change in the composition of the organisation’s Executive Board: The Austrian Dr. Tobias Höllwarth will assume the role of president for the next three years. He will be supported by two vice-presidents, Krešimir Kristić from Croatia and Juraj Zelenay from Slovakia. The elected “Team2020” will be organising the activities of EuroCloud Europe during its tenure based on the concept of the “Trusted Digital Competence Platform”.

The result of the election also bespeaks the success of EuroCloud Austria, which has established the foundation for the Trusted Digital Competence Platform in Austria under its executive director Tobias Höllwarth. The successful projects “Trust in Cloud” and “Cloud Privacy Check” were developed in Austria and exported from there into various other countries. Legal experts from more than 30 countries are involved in the project “Cloud Privacy Check”, for instance. “With it, we want to establish an international competence network that creates competitive advantages on the new digital marketplaces for businesses on the provider and customer side as well as for the public sector,” Höllwarth says in describing his goals. “We are already seeing success with our certification scheme ‘StarAudit’ not only in Austria, but in Asia as well.”

The Trusted Digital Competence Platform (TDCP) comprises a holistic approach, knowledge building and a system of mutual trust between customers and providers of cloud services on the basis of objective quality standards. The transparent representation of digital products in a consistent legal framework promotes a fair market and competitive products.


About EuroCloud Europe

EuroCloud Europe’s mission is to act as an innovation hub within a pan-European network and to enable supplier-independent transfer of know-how to cloud computing providers, start-ups and research companies.

EuroCloud Europe maintains continuous open dialogue with all partners. By publishing information on IT innovations, new business models and possibilities, in particular for small and medium businesses, it aims to strengthen the European digital mark

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